Oreo's Haven  PB Clair De Lune  "Clair" 1*M


DOB:  06/26/2017

COLOR: ​Cou Blanc, Blue Eyes


DAM:  Oreo's Haven R Comet
DS:  Sweet Garden MR Rachmaninoff

DSD: SGCH Fairlea Elise  2*M  VEEE90

DSS: Dragonfly SOL Maurice Ravel
DD:  Cats Craddle A Anna

DDS: Caprakoza BT Aragonite

DDD: Old Mountain Farm Cinna-min

SIRE: Honey Locust Farm Peanutbuttah
SS:  Fields of Grace Buck Buchanan

SSS: J-Nels GP Freelance* B

SSD: TX TwinCreeks SB Lunazul

SD: Tiny Tubbies HR Cabernet 1*M

SDS: Old Mountain Farm  HooRay

SDD: Tiny Tubbies True Colors


Clair has to be one of the most graceful goats of our herd.  She just radiates that lovely dairy character a doe should have.  Clair is our herd queen and she takes her role seriously and she presents herself as a queen walking through the pasture.  She is a lovely animal to behold.  Clair is definitely an asset to our herd and a foundation of our line. 


Kidding History:

2018: Single Doe : Shepherd FF Princess Aurora 2*M

2019: Twins : Shepherd FF Eomer Blessed King, Shepherd FF Eowyn ( Both retained) 

2020: Triplet bucklings

2021: Twin Doelings ( Shepherd FF Luna Clair, 2nd doe deceased)