Prairie Smoke CG PennyRoaylTea ​ 1*M


DOB:  04/15/2016

COLOR: ​Buckskin, White Splashes, 

DAM: Country Charm Sweet Sadie Ann
DS: Country Charm Gabriel
DD: Country Charm Emileigh
SIRE: Havannah Acres Cary Grant
SS: Buffalo Creek Farm Roger Goat
SD: Buffalo Creek Farm D Julie


Penny is by far one of my favorite and top girls.  She not only is a beautiful deep doe who never fails to deliver with ease.  She has a gorgeous udder that is attached very nicely.  Her teats are large and so easy to hand milk out.  Penny tops the charts with her sweet and patient personality.  She truly is the whole package goat and a foundation of our herd.  


Retained Progeny:

Shepherd FF Pocahontas 2*M

     Dam to : Shepherd FF Medicine Man

Shepherd FF Poppy

Shepherd FF Sweet Pea

Kidding History:

2017 ( single buckling, Shepherd FF Wild Bill Hickok) 

2018 (Twin Girls: Shepherd FF Pocahontas, Shepherd FF Moana)

2019(Twin bucks: Shepherd FF Legolas, Shepherd FF Aragorn)

2020(Triplet Girls: Shepherd FF Poppy, Shepherd FF Sweet Pea, Shepherd FF Boots)

2021 ( Triplet Bucks: )